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About Couple Promise Rings Set: BIG, BOLD, EXPENSIVE AND OTHER Histories

Promise rings are enjoying renewed popularity in recent times, so you've probably heard of this term before. What exactly are they? Are they really important? Should you wear them and purchase them? Are the rumors being circulated among your friends about the rings real? We've collected all the information you need about engagement rings to help determine the difference between gossip and the truth. Find answers to your questions by reading on.


A ring you gift your beloved or exchange with her as a symbol for a wedding to come is an engagement ring. They make a commitment to each one to marry each other in advance. Rings can be passed on from one person to the next or two rings could be exchanged as wedding rings. Engagement rings are neither purity rings nor are they commitment rings (more on this later). They are what they are: a clear promise to marry, to connect lives, in the event that circumstances work in your favor. Take it as the promise ring definition.

The meaning behind a promise RING, DETAILED

You may wonder, Why do you need to marry? Sometimes life can be unpredictable and you can't marry your loved one in a hurry. You may be struggling financially, you're still finishing your education, or one of you must leave the country for a long time. Teenagers can also exchange engagement rings if they are sure that they will be married right away when they reach of age.

To guard love from doubts and nurture hope, this ring meant to be a reminder that sooner or later a reunion will take place. The promise ring isn't an offer in the traditional sense. It is an assurance that you will come back in a few years using the phrase "engagement and wedding and family life".

From Romans to Romanticity: The Development of the Historical of Promise Rings

The history of promise rings is as thrilling and as long as any other piece of jewelry with significance. Here we will only discuss a few of the major points of the time.

Promise rings first appeared in the early years of Rome in the time of marriage, which was a major family event and included the transfer of large fortunes and possessions. Legal settlements and disputes could take a considerable amount of time, and to ensure that the marriage will finally take place after all the drama wedding day, the bride of the future was presented with a ceremonial ring by a groom. It was not an engagement in the modern sense, but it was a legal promise to seal the great family contract with a marriage. Unfortunately there's nothing romantic about the ancient Roman promise rings.

In the Middle Ages such rings were hidden as gifts to gorgeous women whose affections a nobleman or knight was trying to be able to win. If the ring is received, it is successful. These rings might have an exclusive combination of stones, or a delicate engraving on the inside.

In the 19th century the tradition of the promise ring approached its modern meaning as more and more young and not so young bachelors had to establish themselves financially and headed overseas to try their luck. To assure the sweetheart that the groom to come would be loyal and devoted and also to help her during the separation, the rings were given to them as a token of appreciation.

The rings were frequently ingenious and imaginative, since there was a lot of interest in games of charades in the era.

What is the basic the underlying belief behind this rings?

The ring serves as a reminder of the vow you made. It is always on your hand, and it will remind you of your vows regularly. Its function is to remind you of a person's commitment and marriage vow. It's a way to confirm vows and promises made. Rings are a sign that you are guaranteed to marry and have an extended family with someone you are passionate about.


Let's put it in a different way what is the reason you should do or not do it (exchange promise rings, we mean)? It is not advisable to exchange promise rings even if you're not planning to marry the person. That's a basic reason. If you're getting married and aren't able to afford the wedding You can bypass this step and save a few bucks for the engagement ring. In the end, you don't have to manage them in any way.

On the other hand, if your situation isn't so difficult and you both love each other but aren't able to tie knot right now or anytime soon and you're not sure, why not put up small objects to remind you and your partner that this delay is a question of time? And you'll be able to be able to enjoy that simple or frothy wedding and honeymoon sooner or later? A sweet memory can sometimes boost your spirits, inspire you, and encourage you to work towards the ultimate goal. For your loved one the ring will be an indication that you are absolutely committed to your marriage, family, and everything else. If you are able to afford it or two, then a promise-ring is a good idea.


This is a vast field for exploration. The current fashion allows you to wear anything and still feel great. It is all about the style of the woman you'd like to give a ring to and your financial situation. Choose a ring that's simple, elegant and stunning. Then she will proudly wear the promise ring which indicates she's completely serious.


Rings for men tend to be more minimalist and reserved sometimes even brutalist. If you're looking for something that's more sophisticated and elegant, you can go for it. Today, rigid rules about what to wear have largely dissipated, which means that anything is acceptable (as as you are able to manage it). If you're not fashion-conscious, opt for something basic and neutral, and it will go well with any outfit.

Are there Promise Rings for A DUO?

They could be the same and differ only in size. In this instance the significance of shared promise rings for couples is affection and willingness to bond for the rest of their lives. When choosing a ring pick one with something in common including a stone, the material, an interesting shape or maybe with initials engraved.


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